Why can some people draw and others can’t?

I have come across so many questions some artist ask, like: “why am i so bad at drawing?”,” is drawing a talent or skill?”, “why can some people draw well and others can’t?” and so on…

So many people have been drawing for years, yet no improvement. They might be wondering why they keep trying and it feels like they are steps behind. Why can some people draw well and others can’t are caused by some factors.

I was able to dig deep and discover what makes some people good at art/drawing while others are terrible. The reason your art is terrible is not because you are jinxed or untalented, but because of deficiency of the right information.

So if you have been wondering how to overcome this mind limitation; as we know in order to solve a problem you need to know the cause. here are factors to consider. Lets take a peek into the reasons:

1. You believe Art is only for those who are “naturally gifted”

Here is one of the biggest limitation of most potential and existing artist i have met. First of all we need to know if is drawing a talent or skill.

There are two set of artists i ‘m gonna talk about:
(i) Those that are born ;
(ii) and those that are skilled.

Why there are so much debate about this, so lemme clarify. The truth is that drawing is a skill just like any other skill that can be learned and improved. The reason why some are seen as “naturally gifted” is because of the learning process. Some learn drawing with little or no supervision. I’ve seen a child of 5 years who make nice drawing without anyone teaching him.

So will I say drawing is for the “naturally gifted”? Off course not!

Can I learn to draw if I have no talent? Hell yeah!

I’ve made research on my own and discovered that most people who practice and improve do exceedingly better than those that are “naturally gifted”. This is because the major way to improve is by practice, this cannot be over-emphasized.

I’ve met so many people with this mindset. They tell me they love art and would have loved to learn, but drawing is for only the people born with the gift. And the frustrating thing about these set of people is that their mind is already fixed. So, nothing I can ever say that will change their mind. If you have this mindset and you honestly made up your mind, then maybe you should change niche’.

2. Looking down on your self

The second reason why some people draw well and others can’t is because they spend so much time comparing their art with a portrait they saw online that they forgot every artist has their style and uniqueness.

I had this same issue; spending double the time I am supposed to spend on my portrait because I want it to look as perfect as a portrait I saw online. It was energy-consuming. And at the end I either end up messing things up.

Nevertheless, if you’re among this class of people, don’t feel bad, just understand your uniqueness and channel your energy in the right direction.

3. You don’t spend time on your art

The third reason why some people draw well and others can’t is a factor of details. What I mean is that, the more time you spend drawing, the more you’ll improve. The reason why you say “wow” when you take a look at some artwork is because the artist spent a lot of time on his art.

As an artist you should learn how to pay attention to every detail of the subject you are drawing. I ‘m not saying it must be exactly, but the important features should be represented. Sometimes those tiny details that seem irrelevant might make your drawing much beautiful and realistic.

I always tell young artist that they should not be in a hurry to finish their art; enjoy the process.

4. You need more experience with other art media

What this simply mean is that you need to select a media you are more comfortable with and practice. You have to understand that charcoal shading techniques is different from ballpoint pen shading technique; and oil painting technique is different from acrylics.

Don’t expect to pick a medium and become an expert on a go. To be an expert on any medium you need to experiment and practice; know the different surfaces that fits the medium that suit you. For instance, I prefer using ballpoint pen to pencils and oil paint to acrylics. That’s my choice. So, what’s yours?

5. You have not trained your self to see like an artist

Artist perceive thing differently from the way normal people do. We see things in line, shapes, forms, tones and colors.

Artists are able to break down a complex subject into lines and shape. When an artist create art, they can start with something abstract and messy, and turn it into a magnificent masterpiece. That’s because even in the beginning of the process all we see is the finished work.

To see like an artist, make a picture of what you want to create in your mind; learn how to break down your art into simple lines and shape, you can use blocking or grid, don’t give up until you get what you want.

6. You don’t Practice more often

This is the major reason some artist do better than others. If you want to be good at what you do, you need to create time for it.

Practicing simply means you should experiment more. You can draw a picture, take time to scrutinize both picture and reference  to see your flaws and improve. That’s pretty much how it works for me.

Whether naturally gifted or not you need practice. No matter how good you think you are, don’t stop practicing.

I started drawing at the age of four, and I practice often then. Finishing high school I stopped practicing for five years. Didnt know how badly I draw until I came online; comparing my art with other artworks I realised I was way behind.

But the good thing was that it took me just few month to get reasonable improvement. It all boil down to practice


Every explanation pointed out in this article is geared towards one thing PRACTICE. Apart from art, even in other niche’ , practice is still important if anyone wants to improve. The world is full of competition, you can’t afford to be behind. Good luck!

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