What To Wear Under Graduation Gown that will fit

what to wear under graduation gown

What should i wear for my graduation?

graduation gown

What to wear under graduation gown is one question that often pop-up in the minds of most students who are about to graduate. Wearing a graduation gown is an integral part of your graduation ceremony. You need to wear an attire that will complement your graduation gown and will also fit you in the graduation after-party.

Generally during graduation both genders are suppose to dress formally for the ceremony. Normally men are suppose to wear a suit or shirt, dark coloured pants/ trousers with a tie. And for the ladies, a skirt and blouse or an elegant dress should do. But before we go any further there are things you need to know:


Before you go ahead to pick what to wear under graduation gown take note where your ceremony will take place, whether indoors or outdoors and you should also take note of the atmospheric condition of the place.

If the graduation ceremony is an outdoor ceremony it’s wise for you to dress for the weather. It’s ideal to wear a suit or a shirt and tie with dark coloured pants but in times like summer where there is a lot of humidity that can cause a lot of heat. you need to wear light clothes underneath, that will not cause you to sweat. If it shows any sign of rain or it’s already raining go for nice footwears that will match, that doesn’t absorb moisture and if necessary get an extra foot wear to change to if the rain gets worse. Your foot wears should be formal, sandals or athletic shoes should be out of it. Ladies should wear nice heel shoes with closed toes and men should wear close toe shoes.

2. Hair style

Like I have said earlier, keep it formal even with your hair-style. Be moderate about the style of hair you choose. Remember that wearing a cap is part of the dressing, so you might not be showing-off too much of your hair. For ladies make sure your hair is not too bulky to fit into the cap. Both ladies and men should be moderate with their hair style So they don’t look awkward. Keep your hair neat and combed. Ladies can pack their hair or leave it free if they like, but it should be nice and responsible.

3. Avoid dressing bulky

Do not wear dresses that has too many layers underneath. For instance, you wear a singlet, an inner t-shirt , a long sleeve shirt, waist coat, a very thick and over size suit, and then you add your graduation gown, trust me you’re going to look like a cartoon, you probably will earn very funny nick names that day. The trick is to avoid complicated outfits under your graduation gown because they may easily get entangled underneath during the event and can make you look bulky. For the ladies avoid puffy skirts that add volume to an already voluminous gown. Do not wear a gigantic skirt that looks like grandma’s, rather wear a narrow skirt that will fit.

4. The Collar

For men what to wear under graduation gown should have collars not t-shirts or polos. Graduation gowns should be cut low giving allowance for your inner-shirt or blouse to show. Although I have seen graduation robes with turtle neck. The rule is that The collar of your inner shirt should show.  For men wearing a shirt with collar and a nice long tie gives a very good appearance, displaying the collar and the tie, thereby giving it a nice blend with the gown. Ladies should wear scoop-necked blouses with a modest cut or blouses with collar.

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