Toothpaste art: Soccer players’ portraits created entirely with toothpaste

Toothpaste Art

There are lots of ways to get a paint job done.  With diverse art media out there to choose from,  someone still decided to think outside the box. Let’s say he took it pretty extreme( in a good way Ofcourse)

Still in the spirit of soccer, he decided to blend two hobbies, art and sport.

Meet Cristiam Ramos, toothpaste  artist who makes soccer players’ portrait, with one of the most consumed house hold items(toothpaste).

He spends close to 30 tubes of toothpastes for each potrait, making it more than 200 tubes of toothpaste for his entire collection.yeah! That’s alot of toothpaste,  but looking at the end product, you can say it worth it.

According to him, each toothpaste art took him up to a week to finish, and 2 months to create the entire collection.

Because of the fact that toothpaste dries slowly,  he has to wait before adding more layers.

Here  are some of his toothpaste  art:

Toothpaste art of Lionel Messi
David Beckham
Toothpaste art of luis Suarez
Luis Suarez
Toothpaste art of Mohammed salah
Mohammed salah
Toothpaste art of Harry kane
Harry kane
Toothpaste art of Lionel Messi
Lionel messi

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