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Tips for the perfect homepage design

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Your homepage design has a huge impact on your website. It’s the first thing visitors see when they type your URL to visit your websites; and as we know first impression has a huge impact on our image online.

Here I’m going to show you 10 things you should consider if you want to achieve the perfect homepage design.

1. Your Website Logo and branding elements

Your logo is the identity of your business/ website. People can easily forget your business name but your logo image is hard to forget, especially if it is attractive and descriptive to your viewers; this is more reason your logo should be designed by a professional.

Your logo should be fixed at top of your website; either left, right or center. The size of your logo should be reasonable, it shouldn’t be too large or too small.

Make sure your visitors are able to catch your logo first before any other part of the website.

2 . Good navigation menus

homepage design

Every homepage design should give accommodation to a clear navigational menus.  A menu is located at the top of the website,  usually above the header Image. The function of your  menu is to aid navigation to the different pages of your site.

The mistake most people make is to make poor and undetailed navigation bar.  This in turn can discourage visitors to stay long on your site.  It affects your website bounce rate.  There should be clear and detailed navigational menu.

3. Designing your hero section (header section)

The hero section is the section where your header image displays below the navigational bar. It is a huge banner placed at the top of your website; sometimes it’s a static image or a slide image. It is usually the first image visitors see when they visit your website,  it gives the visitors hint  what to expect  on the website.

Your homepage design should be done in this section with top priority after the logo section.  Your image should be beautiful and eye catching; pictures and images put in this section should have connection with your website.

There should be information on this section available  for visitors,  such as mission statements and taglines.  You cannot own a real estate website and start displaying pictures of men in a gym or people playing soccer cause  it will  confuse your visitors.

4. Convincing call to action (CTA)

homepage design

Your homepage design should have a tempting call to action.  A Call to action can be a statement or buttons places on your website convincing your visitors to engage with you. This is important when you are offering a product or service.

When designing your call to action button or statement,  make sure it is well visible and eye-catching. You can use very attractive icons and contrasting colours on your homepage design so when visitors are on your page,  they’ll see it without searching. Make use of good choice of words convincing enough to make them click.

5. An eye-catching color scheme

homepage design

As a website owner/ business owner,  your colors should be carefully selected to improve user experience. Your colors should be attractive but don’t  overdo it.

Colors had its way of communicating with people’s emotions and mood.  When color combination,  make sure they harmonize and blend together.

When choosing a background color and foreground color make sure you use contrasting colors.

6. Quality images

homepage design

When choosing images for your homepage design, make sure you use quality images. If possible purchase premium images with high resolution,  because images have a way of communicating with your audience.

Your images shouldn’t  be too large. Images should be optimized on your website to speed up loading time on your website.

7. Highly-readable and engaging typography

homepage design

Your choice of font is very important,  you homepage design should have fonts that are readable to your audience.  Do not overdo your style with beautiful but unclear fonts, not everyone has the patience to strain their eyes to get the message.

Your typography should be attractive and words appealing to your audience.

8. Social proof elements

homepage design

Humans are always skeptical when it comes to business, one of the way to clear it out is trust. Creating Social proof elements such as testimonials and review, goes a long way to inspire and motivate your audience to do business with you.

This is effective because sometimes people are waiting to know people’s opinion about your business, and if they find positive reviews , it encourages them to engage.

You should also becareful of negative social proof because it can kill your business

9. Select responsive and functional themes

homepage design

Your selected theme has a major impact on your website. If your theme is wrong then your whole website is wrong because a bad theme can break your website.

For those using WordPress, make sure you select themes that are well coded and responsive. My advice is to go for premium themes because they have more functionalities; you wont need to use multiple and conflicting plugins to make-up.

10. Displaying information about you and your team members.

homepage design

This is very important! People communicate better with people. Creating a homepage design with your face on it or together with your team members, builds trust between you and your online visitors. This is because people love to engage with people. This also makes it easier for your website to convert.

This goes for both personal brand website and corporate sites. Some website has their face on their hero section, so it’s basically the first thing visitors see; and on the “about” section they give more details.

11. Contact form

homepage design

A contact form as part of your homepage design is very important! This gives your visitors the opportunity to contact you for more information about what your offer.

A typical contact form give space for the name and the email of the person using the form. Some business website makes provision for also phone number. This makes it easy for follow-ups.

Most contact form are embedded either on the side-bar of the homepage or the footer.

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