Self learning vs art school

Should I learn art my self or go to art school?

This is one of the dilemma of individuals who love art yet scared to study art professionally. So many people think art school is a complete waste of time and money. This misconception often fuels confusion amongst youngsters going into the university or college. The root of this dilemma is often influenced by family and friends who think art doesn’t have reputation or doesn’t pay that much.

Is it right or wrong to attend art school

Concerning this topic, you might be thinking I’ll say a big “YES” or maybe an emphatic “NO”. But decisions like this are highly dependent on individuals.

If you are already in school or done with school,  your case is different. The good thing about the internet is the availability of resources for all niche. You can learn anything online. Youtube made it much easier by making video tutorials available.

I ‘m a self taught artist, though I studied accounting in the university. Almost everything I learnt in art, I got them online. The truth is that, some self taught artist perform even better than artists who went to art school.So,” Should I say attending art school is a waste of time? ” no,  it all depends on your zeal for art and how far you want to take your art career.

Broken Focus

Broken focus not is in art school

Studying courses that’s in contrast with what you love, can lead to what I’ll call “divided concentration” or broken focus. Life is energy it self. You can’t afford to redirect your energy to  a niche just because you FEEL it has more priestige than the other. This can cause broken focus.

When you focus your energy on what you love doing, there’s a tendecy you’ll do better than others who decided to “try things out”. Improvement will be as easy as climbing the staircase, and learning becomes fun.

Now, before you jump into decision, inquire within yourself with these simple questions:

1. Do i really have passion for Art?

2. Do i love art enough to take it professionally?

3. If all courses have equal priestige and all niche pay equally will i still study art?

4. Am i studying art because i want to learn more and get more exposure or cause i saw friends studying Art?

5. Does family pressure or peer pressure influencing my decision not to study art.

6. If i study art will i be happy  doing it?

The beautiful thing about learning is that,  there have to be enthusiasm and passion.  People do better in school when they study what they love irrespective of what anyone says.

If art is just a hobby and you feel it will interupt your visions in life. It’s a sign that you don’t belong there.  But if you’re in love and passionate about art, and you want to take it professionally. Don’t let anyone’s opinion spoil your mind.

The stereotype


Sthe same old thinking, the same old result you get about art school

The mindset that a course is better than the other is a huge stereotype. No course is better than the other. All courses are important. It’s like different part of the body. How will You feel if the body is made up of eyes alone? All niche needs each other at some point. For example, an artist needs  carpenters for construction of drawing board and pencil; a carpenter needs a blacksmith for hammer and nails;  a blacksmith needs a doctor for health; a doctor needs a pharmacist for drugs; a pharmacist needs transportation so they are dependent on  mechanical engineers for a vehicle; a mechanical engineer needs an artist to create company branded logos,  and also to give creative ideas for car design. This same artist can also make graphic representation to aid effective advert for the company.  So, it’s like a cycle. The need for each other is natural. This brings balance.

The Power of Passion

Going back to top incredible entrepreneurs you know; so many of them did what they loved. Some dropped out of school not because they were broke or dull,  but because they had a vision and they felt staying in school will slow them down. That seem pretty  risky, doesn’t it? But something drove them to take that risk. It’s called PASSION. You have to be passionate about what you do.

 Studying a different course from your passion

Art school

Studying a course different from your passion is a bit similar to being inlove with someone, and yet marrying someone you dont love. Just imagine it. Whenever you see that person you love,  you get mixed feeling; happy yet sad. That was exactly how i felt. You need to know that anybody can be an artist but not everyone can be a great artist. The wonderful thing about learning what you are good at is because learning becomes fun and easy; giving you more edge than others.

The merits of attending art school

1. Exposure and networking

Being in art school automatically connects you to an art community. You have a chance of getting help and information from your colleagues on the latest exhibition, job opening and other extra curricular events that will boost your exposure with people outside. And the good thing is that,  even after school you’re still connected to your colleague in school.  When there’s any commission work,  contract,  or job opening, you won’t be left out on the infos.

2. Time

I leant art my self. It was rewarding but time consuming. As much as learning art your self is appealling and cheap. It’s also time time consuming. Infact it’s like learning art the hard way.

3. Expert instructions and mentorship

Instruction from mentors can save you so much time trying to figure things out on your own.  You get the opportunity to meet one of the finest minds in art; people with a lot of experience in the field.

4. Access to materials

In art school you get easy access to materials and equipment. Most art schools are equipped with state of the art equipments. It becomes  easy for students to try out new styles and experiment with  new art media.

5. Wide range of knowledge

You aren’t only taught how to draw in art school, you are also taught, sculpting, photography, wood carving etc. Students also get to learn how to harness their  gift in the business world.

6. curriculum and organisation

Online you get resources with different styles and methods  and it’s easy to get confuse. Art school is more organised . There’re well  set up school syllabus to guide your study.  It saves alot of stress and time.

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As our DNA and thumbprint differs so are our passions,  visions and place of happiness. Everyone is different, and our differences brands our uniqueness. Never let anyone dictate how you should spend your life. If you are scared of mistakes, you should know that not  all mistakes are bad, some mistakes are stepping stone. Make your mistakes and learn from it.

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