The secret of creative design - 5 things to know about graphics designers

5 things to know about graphics designers

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Most people think graphics designing is about knowing how to use graphics design software alone. There are like “hey! I know how to use Photoshop and CorelDraw why don’t I just create a business online and get clients”. Now we have to understand that graphics design goes further than knowing how to use  graphics design software; I am not denying the fact that graphics design software is very important for graphics designers to learn,  but to produce creative design, we still need the right skills, mind and experience. Creativity is deeply involved.

In graphics designing there’s a lot of competition out there, so many people want to make money online and maybe  they have seen someone around them who makes money in graphics designing and they think they should try it out. It is true that there’s a huge demand for graphic designers these days, especially now that businesses around have started understanding the power of social media and getting more clients online.

1.Creativity – Creative design

Bringing out creative design of any form lies in the ability to improvise and be creative. A real creative graphics designer doesn’t need to know the A-Z of Photoshop, CorelDraw or any graphics designing software to give maximum result. Nevertheless you shouldn’t get me wrong because having in-depth knowledge of the software can save you a lot of time. Being creative opens you to different ways to achieve a maximum result.

2. Improvising

Improvising doesn’t mean you should be cunning. I have seen so many graphics designers cut corners to get result. Some graphics designers went as low as stealing readymade logos online and changing the names on it to serve their clients. And the funny thing is that these clients don’t know. I have also seen on facebook , where a graphics designer stole  another graphic designer’s previous portfolios and add them on his facebook ads. The only reason for this behavior is pure laziness and lack of creativity.


As a client you should know more about your designer before granting him/her jobs. I always advice clients to have a rough sketch/ idea of what you want your logo to look like before awarding commission. If you can’t sketch at all you should show your designer some examples, a good graphics designer should be able to combine and come with something unique. Most designers feel they need to lie to get client. Always know that: what you lie to get you, need to lie to keep; that can be pretty stressful for you. Every client should see the portfolio of the designer; if possible contact clients who have worked with them before. This is important because some marketers can go to the extreme by even creating fake reviews just to boost their reputation.

4. Value and price

Get suspicious if you find out a service that is way too cheap. It’s very ridiculous to see some designers bringing down their values to get client. A fellow graphic designer said something I agree with to a certain extent.  He said your value is equal to your skills. A skilled crafts man will never give cheap value to client, except he doesn’t know his value or have the necessary skills. Also if the price is ridiculously too high, you should evaluate the value he is delivering, if it  corresponds with the price he/she’s calling, before diving in.

A graphics designer came online to advertise his service and he mentioned $3.88 as his price to create a logo. It was hysterical to most observers; there were a lot of laughs. Now this designer might probably be a newbie who recently learnt how to use graphics design software and felt bringing down his price will attract clients.  The quality of your creative design should be enough to speak for you. I once made a logo for a client, for the fact that he was a friend I gave him discount; delivering the logo to him, he was so pleased with the result  that he paid more than we agreed. It is necessary to give value. Sometimes the price is not the problem; most clients crave value from every service. A  creative design is the product of skills and experience.

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5. Mockups

This easily sways client every-time. I once made a logo for client, after delivering it, he took a look and sounded low and disappointed, he then said “okay, let me show it to my crew if they will like it”. I already understood why, then I asked him to hold-on, then I sent the 3D mockup, he shouted and said “this is it! This is what I want!”   I began to wonder the big deal. One of the ways to ascertain the creativity of a graphics designer, especially logo, is when the logo is delivered without a 3D MOCKUP. A plain 2d vector logo will reflect the creativity of the designer. A good graphics designer can take different unrelated elements and harmonize it to look unique.

6. Passion

This point supposes to be the first on the list though, because it’s very important. Sometimes a newbie who don’t have the skills to provide quality service might end up improving with time if there’s passion. Passion is the parent of persistence, hard work, perseverance and creativity. Passion with time gives birth to experience.  When picking a graphics designer, you should look out for those who exhume passion. Most of the time there are not difficult to find. Their portfolio always speak for them: you see a level of details and creativity. Creative design is a product of a passionate designer.

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