Artist brings his drawn art to life and the effect is creepy

Pop up art

Pop up Art Animation

At one point of our childhood, we had fun with folding papers and fortune-telling. As kids we draw images and make notes on folded papers; having friends choose to tell their fortune.  Alvis took that same concept, though not to tell fortune, but to create amazing pop-up animations. His art seem a bit creepy but his concept is genius. He combines the concept of pop up art and optical illusion to convey message to his audience.

Alvis creates two faces on same image: a normal face and a creepy face. The first face is done  after which the paper is folded, and a different face drawn.  When unfolded and folded in motion, it gives an impression as if  his art suddenly comes to life. This displays a bizarre metamorphosis like a horror movie. Seem creepy but Brilliant. Scroll down to check out  his works.

Pop up art

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