Man created stunning art using life birds

Stick man art

Art itself is evolving, artist are no more restricted to the use of pen and papers or the use of innanimate object to create art; some has leaped an extra mile to express their creativity outside the box.

Here is a controversial art technique, an anonymous street artist pulled a” creative stunt ” using life birds to create a “stick man” that has gone viral online.

Yes! You got me right, “LIFE BIRDS”. He used bird food to arrange them in this order. I mean, the birds actually excited , thinking they were been fed, not knowing they were actually tools for his masterpiece.

Below are the pictures of how he did it:

More info: Reddit

Image credits: unknown

Image credits: unknown



The “bird artwork” gif  below shows how he actually did  it; causing different reactions online.

The intriguing thing about this art was that, it was posted barely a day ago yet has attracted 66,000 likes on Reddit.

The “stick man art” has provoked alot of positive comment online concerning the brilliant innovation of combining birds and turning them to sketch lines for art.


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