Statistics Under-graduate student with gifted hands

Interview with Ultra realistic pencil  Artist

Irrespective of the economic shakings in the country, he is able to harness his gift to make a living.  He’s hardworking and really passionate about what he does.

Omeiza Abdul realistic pencil art
Omeiza Abdul

Meet Omeiza Abdul, he is a self-taught pencil artist from Kogi state  but currently resides in Gombe, Nigeria. He’s an under graduate currently studying statistics at university of Gombe.

He creates ultra realistic pencil art using graphite and charcoal. The remarkable thing about Abdul is that it took him just 12 month to sublime from cartoon caricatures to ultra realistic pencil art.

According to him his  art journey started 2017 (Last year). His passion for art was triggered when he saw artworks of other artist. Ever since he kept working hard to improve his artistry.

Me: Before 2017 have you been drawing?

Omeiza Abdul: Not serious ones…The only time I remember drawing was back in primary school; Drawing figures like cartoons. I almost forgot about art, till 2017 when I got some experience in arts.

Me: So, just within a year you were able to draw realistic portrait?

Omeiza Abdul: Yes, I guess…But I’m still learning.

Me: Sounds good!
Where did your inspiration come from?

Omeiza Abdul: I was inspired by a famous Nigerian artist named Martins Lawrence Akande; Saw his artworks on the news.

Me: Do you make an income from it? Or it’s just a hobby?

Omeiza Abdul: Yes, I make an income from commissions.

Me: How often do you get commissioned work?

Omeiza Abdul: Not that much. Sometimes It takes a month to get commissions.

Me: There are various art media out there, why did you choose a pencil?
What inspired your choice of media?

Omeiza Abdul: Well, pencils remain the most comfortable and safe choice for many artists and it’s flexible to use. I guess many artists start with the use of pencil as their tool before they can decide which media they will focus on.

Me: I’ve seen your work, you create ultra realistic pencil art.  What kind of pencil do you use, and what’s your shading style?

Omeiza Abdul: I normally use Graphite (steadler) and charcoal pencils. And also l use both hatching and circularism then I blend.

Me: Do you shade from light to dark or from dark to light?

Omeiza Abdul: I shade from dark to light.

Me: How long does it take you to finish a portrait?

Omeiza Abdul: It takes 100 to 200hrs approximately.

Me: What’s the most Challenging part when drawing a portrait?

Omeiza Abdul: I face different challenges, especially getting the right proportion and studying the reference.

Me: One of the greatest limitation of most artist I’ve met in nigeria, is getting the right Art supplies. Do you have this challenge?

Omeiza Abdul: Yes, I do face challenges when it comes to art supplies too. I work with the little supplies I can find around here.

Me: What is the best thing you like about using a pencil?

Omeiza Abdul: Actually, One thing I love using pencil is creating deep effect. This allows me to make tiny details when drawing. Also, It is the most common art media to use.

Me: I know one of the challenge using graphite and charcoal is smudge. And I know getting fixative is either scarce or expensive. How do you preserve your piece? Do you buy fixatives? Or you improvise?

Omeiza Abdul: I improvise.

Me: We both know in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole, Artists are sometimes under-appreciated. How does this affect your work?

Omeiza Abdul: As an artist, not all your work would be appreciated. Actually where I live presently, people don’t patronize art that much.

Me: Where do you see your self in the future to come?

Omeiza Abdul:After I graduated from the university, I’ll like to explore my self more; Go to new places like lagos, Port-hacourt etc. To add more experience to my knowledge in Art.

Omeiza Abdul ultra realistic pencil art

Me: What advice do you have for people who are following your footstep to pursue their dream?

Omeiza Abdul: My advice to my fellow, and young artist out there, is to keep pursuing your dreams, know your worth and keep practicing; With Patience and hard work, you can achieve your goals.

Wrapping Things up

Nothing good comes easy as we know; fulfilment  comes when you do what you enjoy doing.

We have heard from Abdul; it takes practice,  hard work and patience to achieve your dream. Keep pushing forward till you get what you desire.

Be inspired!

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