Interview: A Banking and finance graduate with Incredible Art Skills

Realistic pencil art

Interview with Pencil Realism Artist, Christian Joe

Like I always say: There’s a huge difference between a job and career. Behind every incredible Art pieces, is a dedicated artist.

I was privileged to be in the company of a banking and finance graduate who happen to be a talented pencil artist. He’s pretty much straight forward and simple.

Christian Joe - pencil artist
Christian Joe

Meet Christian Joe, a self-taught visual artist from Rivers state. Born 28th of July, 1994  in Rivers, Nigeria.

Christian Joe’s journey on the path of  Art started 2016, after graduation from the university. He majors in charcoal, graphite and colour pencil media.

Pencil art

Me: I’m curious, I have seen a lot of your Art pieces. What inspired your decision to choose charcoal and graphite as a medium?

Christian: Yeah, I was first inspired by an Artist who posted incredible hyper realistic works of pencils art on social media, (whatsapp, Facebook).

I was marveled at first sight. so, I thought of giving it a try; Picked a pencil and boom! that’s how it all began.

Although I ve been drawing cartoons and caricatures from primary and secondary school days, but wasn’t really good ;To me, that didn’t count.

I got challenged to take Art Professionally  the year 2016; Creating realistic art pieces with pencils for the first time.

Pencil art

Me: So, tell me, as a self-taught artist what was your greatest challenge?

Christian: My greatest challenge was adapting to pencil medium for the first time, it wasn’t  easy. My second  challenge was time management.

Me: Telling from your art pieces I notice you have passion for  portraits. What part of the face do you have challenge pulling-off?

Christian: Lips and Nose

Realistic pencil art
Venice of Africa

Me: Among all your Art pieces, which of them can you call your favourite? and why?

Christian: Venice of Africa 1, because it tells a story of the life of Nigerian hoodlums in Makoko, a vast community in Lagos was used as an example.

Me: How long did it take you to complete it?

Christian: Approximately  82 hours.

Me: We all know the economy of Nigeria and how artists are often under-appreciated. What’s your motivation?

Christian: My motivation is PASSION; to do even more greater works.

Me: Now, for my Final question. In Nigeria we know there’s a lot of discouragement when it comes to Art. There are lots of people out there who enjoy art but discourage to express themselves. What word of encouragement do you have for them?

Christian: Do it for the love of it; There’ll be a reward for it someday.

Realistic Pencil art

Wrapping Things Up

One major thing striking about Christian Joe is his self motivation. The difference between a career and a Job is passion. Love what you do and do what you love.

Be inspired!

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