Interview with Hyperrealism Artist – Samantha Messias

Samantha messias pencil art

Here is someone I’ve always look forward to meet. She ‘s a major source of inspiration to me. A pencil hyperrealism artist with a lot of positive energy, determination and prospect. One thing I really love about her is her “Never give up” spirit and persistence.

Her name is  Samantha messias, Born 1989, Liverpool England. She makes portraits that can be mistaken for an actual photograph. If you’re looking for art with details, her’s is an epitome. She makes use of charcoal and graphite to create crazy hyperrealistic portrait of people and animals with so much details;By the way, she love dogs ( whispering).

Samantha messias pencil art of a dog

Her  traumatic childhood, acted as a propelling force,  gearing her passion for art. Art wasn’t only hobby to her at this point,  but also medicine to her soul. Over the years she improves and hobby became career.

Samantha messias Hyper realism pencil art

Her major focus is pencil portraiture. Her master-piece have been featured in galleries both in England ( Artist Exhibition at La Galleria Pall Mall in London from the 11th – 16th December, 2017 ) and new york ( 2018 at Agora Gallery in New York City), with nomination and awards.

Samantha messias Hyper realism pencil art

Me: Thank God creative art is getting gradual recognition in Africa. Formerly, parents can disown their kids for ever thinking of it, how much more becoming an Art. What really inspired you to take Art professionally?

Samantha: My inspiration behind my artist career has to do with my past mainly and my ability to never give up on my dreams despite adversity and to give others hope by sharing my story.

My childhood was very traumatic and I found art at a very young age, expressing my emotions and feelings on paper,
Then in School a teacher told me that it was hard to become an artist and all great artist die then there work means something. So I decided not to study art and choose fashion instead but after graduating there was still a longing desire to become an Artist and after asking myself the question “what it is I’d really like to do” it was simple really and I then began to self teach in the fielding realistic pencil drawings.

My inspiration comes from my hardships in life, my ability to stay strong and focused whilst my actions inspire others to do the same.

Samantha  messias pencil art of a nun

Samantha messias pencil art

Me: There are lots of art media available, what triggered your love for Pencil as a medium?

Samantha: Pencil is one of the oldest and most simplistic mediums to use in the arts,
I love what one can achieve by only using 3-4 pencils which I do. It’s not about having the best tools it’s about the quality of the artist and what he or she can do with the tools they have.

I just love Pencil, the black and white contrast can add such a powerful and captivating feel to the work. One day I may introduce colour but for now pencil will do.

Samantha messias pencil art

Me: Have seen a lot of your art works, including your time-lapse videos. I notice you give attention to details. How long does it take you to complete your art?

Samantha: I’ve always been attentive to detail all my life it allows me to see things many would miss or give little attention too. Without the details I don’t think we’d really be able to appreciate what this world has to offer. I see me drawings made up of tiny details rather than seeing the whole image, my drawings can take anywhere from 1 week to 6 depending on the size and the level of detail I wish to portray.

Me: What is the best part about working with pencil?

Samantha: The best part about working with pencil is less stress, more simplicity and more affordable. I believe less is more. I work with 3 main pencils and a few other tools which can be found on my tools page here.

Me: As an Artist, what are the challenges you have encountered? And how do you handle them?

Samantha: The challenges I’ve faced as an artist have been, Lack of support by friends and family, rejected by over 12 art galleries, told my artwork isn’t real art, negative criticism, not being taken seriously and struggling to sell my art work.

I’ve learned that in order to over come such challenges you’ve Drive, desire, Dream has to be bigger than the failures, bigger than the set backs and bigger than the negative mindsets.

Failure is hard but if you can push past it you will improve your resilience and become stronger.

Personal development is key, the more you learn about yourself the more you can understand others too.

My motto is “Never Give Up” Life is short you can either allow all these experiences to cripple and stop you or you can allow them to become stepping-stones to help you reach your goals, you are in control.

Me: You create hyperrealistic Art, that can be easily mistaken for a real photograph. How do you do it?

Samantha: “Yes it’s a pencil and charcoal drawing” I say so often to those who think my work is photographs. I sometimes take it as a compliment.

I only starting to practice realism and hyper realism in 2014, I’ve always been a good drawer but didn’t even know hyperrealism existed until 2014, so I began researching it on google and how to practice it using the grid method which helped me focus in on small details.

The goal is not to rush! Simple I know but so many of us rush things and don’t take our time and that’s were mistakes are made.

Here is a link to a few stages drawing Nelson Mandela’s hand where I go through step by step stages of my techniques in full descriptions; Tips and techniques.

Samantha messias pencil art of  Mandela  nelson

Samantha messias pencil Art

Me: What method do you adopt when drawing? Grid or blocking?

Samantha: Yes I use the grid method when drawing in a hyperrealistic style.

I see the grid as any other technique to help one achieve accuracy in their work. But just because you’re using the grid doesn’t mean you can fill it in realistically it still takes time, skill, patience and discipline but it does help and I recommend it for all beginners and even professionals too, it’s a technique used by many famous artists including Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh and Chuck Close.

Samantha  messias pencil  art

Me: How do

Samantha: The best way to get your Art work noticed and sold is to submit it to art competitions or online open art exhibitions these will help you on your journey to becoming an Artist.

Secondly, I recommend you continually contact art Galleries to see if they are interested in selling your art work or representing you as an Artist this may be trail and error but it’s worth a shot.

Thirdly if you want people to take you seriously you must be serious about you as an artist, having your own website helps, social media platforms help too as they give you some credibility and platform to share your art works.

I’m in the process of releasing some limited edition prints for 2019 again this will increase your status as an artist and help with some financial income, But remember it doesn’t happen over night, I’m still struggling at times and I’ve been doing this for over 5 years now.

Me: What words of encouragement do you have for upcoming Artists, in Africa and all of the world?

Samantha: My words of encouragement for all upcoming artist would be this: Never give up on your dreams or goals in life based on your current circumstances right now, if you have a deep enough drive, passion and flame in your heart then go for it.

Some of us love the idea of becoming an Artist but very few actually do what’s necessary to achieve it. Hard work, sweat and tears are all the stepping-stones to grow, learn, change, evolve and succeed in this life regardless of where you are now.
Many of my messages are from young African based Artists who are going through some kind of struggle and I always ask them this:
Do you really want to be an artist?
Are you really willing to do what is necessary to become a part-time or full-time artist?
Or is it just a passing hobby?.
Once you have answered honestly to these questions they reveal a lot about where your values truly lye.

My most important words of encouragement would also be to do lots of personal development, read books on how to change your beliefs, your mindset and your habits, you could want something really badly but if your old beliefs and habits are self-sabotaging you then your setting yourself up for instant failure. In order to change you must do something different and that starts by changing what’s going on in your head. So read, learn, develop, grow and become the greatest version of yourself and inspire others to do the same. Love Samantha Messias.

Samantha  messias  pencil art of a bulldog

Wrapping  things up

Always remember that not everyone will encourage your vision and dreams. Irrespective of discouragement, delays, and set-backs, you should never let It come between  you and your vision. Like Samantha would say “Never give-up”. Be passionate; be motivated; be inspired!

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