Hyperrealistic coloured pencil art that can be mistaken for a real photo

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Photo-realistic  coloured pencil artwork

Japanese artist creates mind-blowing hyperrealistic art with just coloured pencil. His coloured pencil art are so realistic that you can mistake it for an actual photograph.

Emman oppa is a hyperrealistic artist based in Japan. He creates photo realistic coloured pencil art of famous celebrities, movie characters and cartoon.

Oppa pays alot of attention to every tonal detail, that  even his audience mistakes his coloured pencil art for a photograph.

He devotes his art to encourage other artist; emphasizing on the power of practice. ” i want to share and inspire all people like me. Actually i am not that good in art but because of practice and persistence i’m now a semi pro ”

Dont know how he pulled this off,  but anyone can testify that he did a great Job.  He left a message for upcoming artist, “I want to give a message to those people who want to draw. Don’t stop to believe …you will success someday” he said.  Scroll down to view some of his masterpiece.

Coloured pencil art of a clock Coloured pencil art of famous basketball player Coloured pencil art of anime Coloured pencil art Coloured pencil art

Coloured pencil art of Avengers movie characters

Coloured pencil art of soda and a cake Coloured pencil art of moana Coloured pencil art of oreos biscuits Coloured pencil art of minion Coloured pencil art of famous basketball player Coloured pencil art of famous basketball player Coloured pencil art portraits Coloured pencil art of suicide squad movie character

Coloured pencil art of an empty coke bottle

Coloured pencil art

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