How to increase your drawing speed

I am an artist and whatever i’m about to unveil are what i have applied and gotten result. Formerly it takes me up to 20 minutes to finish a sketch, but now i can make a rough sketch in less than a minute, depending on what i’m sketching. How to improve drawing speed is dependent on you having the right knowledge and practice.

Every professional artist you come across at some point started from somewhere. Some had to struggle with a lot of trial and error to get result.  There are 2 major things that can sublime improvement. The right knowledge and lots of practice. Practice can never be over emphasize.

Having the knowledge of art is not enough. You need alot of practice,  because in reality,  your art speaks for you even when you aren’t present. Here are some exercises that will aid your improvement.

1. Principle of shapes


Drawing with shapes

First of all, you have to understand that everything you’re gonna draw are made up of shapes; every shape is made up of lines; and every line is made up of tiny little dots. Drawing a person’s face for instance, you have to  understand that you are dealing with a lot of circles and oval shapes.

2. Measurement


Measuring before drawing

The second principle is the principle of measurement. So many people might think measurement is only applicable in maths not in art; i begg to differ, the difference is the  method.

how to improve drawing speed is dependent on your ability to measure fast. At times i use protractor and ruler to do measurement especially with people’s portrate. It saves me alot of time and stress. With much practice you can tell the measurement from observation.

3. Pressure control


Pressure control

The third is pressure control. Applying too much pressure on your drawing is bad for you. It doesn’t only slows u down, it can ruin your sketch. Sketching have alot to do with the way you hold your pencil. Because the way you hold your pencil helps pressure control. Do not hold your pencil like you hold pen when you write. The best way to hold your pencil is at the edge of the pencil. This gives allowance for free and easy movement of your pencil.

4. Observation

Observation - how to improve drawing speed

Drawing fast is different from drawing in a hurry; your art still has to be accurate. Take time to study your subject before you draw. This is because things might not be exactly like you think it is: you have to give attention to perspective. I know an artist who takes up to two days to observe before drawing. you don’t need to wait that long since speed is the thing here. you might be wondering how to improve drawing speed with observation. To improve speed you need to be a fast observer, there i said it. Try to capture your art on-time in your memory before drawing. It will improve your drawing speed.

5. Practice 

Knowing the above stated point is one thing, practicing is another. how to improve drawing speed  is based on continuous practice. Having the head knowledge is not enough; you need steady practice. You might not get it right at first, that doesn’t mean you won’t get it later.

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