How to Draw Head for Beginners (Step by step)

If you’re a starter and you have being struggling with face drawing or how to draw a portrait,  here’s a quick step by step process on how to draw head. 

We’re gonna be starting with line and shapes. There are different ways on how to draw a head, but this is one of the ways I choose to explain.

1. Draw a circle

Draw a circle; Your Circle doesn’t need to be a perfect circle.  That’s pretty simple isn’t it? 

2. Draw Two Horizontal Lines

Draw 2 horizontal lines. The first line should divide  the circle in halves and the second line should be beneath the circle; Both lines should be parallel. The position of the second line determines the shape of the head or face.  

How to draw a head - How to draw a portrait with shapes

3. Draw Two Vertical Lines

Draw two parallel vertical lines; The first to divide the circles into halves and the second at the side. 

Now you have to understand that,  the lines  and shapes are guide structures to aid your drawing.

4. Draw Two Diagonal Lines

Draw two diagonal lines from each ends of the previously drawn horizontal line and connect it to the one beneath. These lines are there to guide the drawing of the jaw.  

5. Draw Two Horizontal Line 

Draw two horizontal lines to aid the drawing of the nose and the  mouth. 

6. Draw a Triangle

Use the base of one of the previously drawn horizon Line as base; while you create a triangle, to guide as the nose. 

7. Draw Another horizontal Line 

Draw another horizontal line above the line above the first horizontal line dividing the circle in halves.  These lines will form a guide for the eyes and eyebrows. 

8. Draw the eyes 

Draw the eyes on the first horizontal line that divides the circles into halves. 

9. Draw Two vertical Parellel lines from the eyes

Draw two vertical lines from the side of the eyes. These lines will
aid the drawing of the neck.

10. Draw the lips

Use the horizontal line beneath the nose line to construct the lips. At this point, we can say we are done with the whole structure. Fixing the rest of the face will be “easy-peasy”. Follow the imaginary lines to construct the jaws and the eyelids.

11. The eyelids and jaw

This is where the fun begins. Here I made distinct colors for differentiate the imaginary lines and the actual drawing. 

12. Drawing the Facial Organs 

Putting the facial organs is pretty much easy. To draw the ears, the top and the bottom of the ears should be on the same line with the eyelid and the nose.

13. Complete the face

After erasing the guidelines, this is what it looks like.  

Wrapping Things up

Remember this is not a formular. There are different ways to draw a face.  This article is aimed at giving good knowledge of  the our facial structure. Humans have different facial structures; It determines resemblance. Practice more and experiment. Goodluck! 

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  1. wow very understanding. i’m an artist too based on oil on canvas really working for an upcoming solo exhibition like to partner with you

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