Ball pen Art: How to draw a portrait using ball pen

ball pen art by otian peter

These are simple but outstanding ball pen Art tips on how to create simple human portrait. Before you start, be sure your materials are right. You’ll need  a pen and not just any type of pen, you’ll need a ball pen. It’s Cheap and affordable.

When picking your  paper go for paper with rough textures, niddle point emboss papers can do. The rough surface will add beautiful skin texture. And also you’ll need a pencil and eraser for sketching.

The advantages of pen Art is that it is affordable , easy to purchase, doesn’t need fixative, and it doesn’t smudge off. Thou one major disadvantage you should know about ball pen Art unlike graphite and charcoal Art is that it takes time, so you’ll need a lot patience.

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Step 1

Make your outline/sketch with a pencil and when sketching make sure your strokes are faint, so you can erase easily and so that the pencil strokes doesn’t compete with the biro ink when you start.

Give details in your sketch so as to guide you when you start inking.

Remember, do not be in a hurry to start shading, make sure you are fully done with your sketching and  you are done with all the erasing here and there.

Step 2

Shade with the side of your pen tip with very faint strokes and gradually progress to darker tones. This gives room for correction in case of mistakes.

Step 3

You can  shade with scribbling and cross hatching, use the spaces in-between for skin texture.

Give  attention to the pattern of the skin and the hair and do it gradually.

Remember the more details you put on your work , the more realistic it looks, so take your time.

Step 4

Step 5


Step 6

 Step 7:

This is where you cross your ‘T’s and dot your ‘I’s, thou not literally. This is where you give finishing touch. Make sure every curve, bumps, light and shade are clearly defined. If There’s spaces between your shade, this is where you cover them up. Darken the shadows where necessary.

Step 8: Final Result

Final stage -
Final stage

The key to making a good portrait is patience, details and lots of practice(i can’t over emphasizeon this enough).

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