A danish photographer makes creative shoes using normal everyday item

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Creative Shoes made by Nikolaj Beyer

A Danish photographer who used vegetables, fruits, meat, nylons, camera films, Christmas light, grass,  Newspaper,  burgers, sushi, leaf and other normal everyday object to create stunning and creative shoes.

Even though these shoes aren’t made for walking, anyone can easily connect with this creative concept.

Nikolaj Beyer has pretty much made us understand the power of imagination.

His style and concept is not what we see everyday. It illuminates the true meaning of creativity.

With shoes like this, we won’t only wear our shoes we can also eat them. He named this series “Everyday shoes“.

He is truly an art genius, a hearty cheer to kolaji bayer. Check out his photos below:

The Garden Stiletto creative shoes design

The Garden Stiletto

Newspaper boot creative shoes design

Newspaper boot

#3 The Christmas Edition Gift Boot Creative shoes

The Christmas Edition Gift Boot

 Detox Cinderella Creative shoes

Detox Cinderella

Sushi flip flop creative shoe

Sushi flip flop

Chocolate stiletto Creative shoes

Chocolate stiletto

Forest stiletto creative shoe

Forest stiletto

Happy Newyear sandals Creative shoes

Happy Newyear stiletto

Highlighter shoe creative shoes

Highlighter shoe

Flower sandals (creative shoes)

Flower sandals

"one is not enough" hill (creative shoes)

“one is never enough” hill

Detox stiletto (creative shoes)

Detox stiletto

Chunky organic flip-flop

Glitter boot (creative shoes )

Glitter boot

The organic sling-back kitten hill(creative shoes)

The organic sling-back kitten heel

Basil boot-creative shoes

Basil boot

The candy hill

The candy heel

velvet boot - creative shoes

Velvet boot

Ham platform sandals - creative shoes

Ham platform sandals

Carnivore stiletto -Creative shoes

Carnivore stiletto

#21 The Celine Inspired Liqourice Sandal- Creative shoes

Celine Inspired Liqourice Sandal

Creative shoes

Vegan stiletto

"Is it Christmas yet? "hills -creative shoes

“Is it Christmas yet? “heel

Beacon boot - creative shoes

Beacon boot

Sandwich shoe - creative shoe

Sandwich shoe

carrot heel stiletto - creative shoes

Carrot heel stiletto

Cabbage sandals- creative shoes

Fringy cabbage sandals

Mix and match heel - creative shoes

Mix and match heel

New Cinderella  slipers - creative shoes

New cinderella  slipers

Cabbage boot - creative shoes

Cabbage boot

Mix and match heel - creative shoes

Mix and match heel

35mm stiletto boot

35mm boot

Rubber high tigh - creative shoes

Plastic  high tigh boot

Rosebud boot - creative shoes

Rosebud boot

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