How to become a graphics designer

computer graphic design software- Indesign

Graphic design is  the art of visual communication, styling, and problem-solving through the utilization of typography, illustration and image. A computer graphic design involves the use of a computer. In this computer age, you won’t be seen as a graphics designer if you don’t know how to use a computer to create computer graphic design. A person who does graphics designing is known as a graphics designer.

Graphic designers use numerous ways to make and mix words, symbols, and pictures to make a visible illustration of ideas and messages.

A graphic designer might use a mixture of typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to supply an outcome. Graphic style usually refers to each the method (designing) by that the communication is formed and also the merchandise (designs) that square measure generated.

Common uses of graphic style embody identity (logos and branding), publications (magazines, newspapers and books), print advertisements, posters, billboards, web site graphics and components, signs and merchandise packaging. as an example, a product package may embody an emblem or alternative design, organized text and pure style components like pictures, shapes and color that unify the piece.

Composition is one in every of the foremost necessary options of graphic style, particularly once mistreatment pre-existing materials or various components.

How to become a graphics designer


There are two major route to follow in this journey to become a graphics designer: Either you train your self; or become get a formal education.

The good thing about being a graphics designer is that your certificate has a minimal role to play. clients and employers are more interested in your portfolio and experience than they are in your certificates most of the time. So incase you are still dreaming of becoming a graphics designer, you should understand both part still requires practice and constant learning.

1. Taking classes

To become a graphics designer you should take as much graphics design classes as possible. You should also improve your drawing and painting skills. Graphics designing involves lines, shapes and colors so it’s necessary you have the proper understanding of visual art. Attend Photography, printing, computer graphics, web design classes. They are pretty strong foundation, important to help you develop better in graphics designing.

2. Learn on your own.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend graphics school, you can learn it on your own. Go onto google and search for graphics designing or computer graphic design courses you will be left with a lot of options to choose from. There are free and paid tutorials online. Free tutorials can give you the basic foundation of graphics design, but to go deeper you’ll need a paid course online. Tutorials can come in both written form (blogs and ebooks) or video. Don’t forget you need to be skilled in computer and specific graphics designing softwares. While this approach to becoming a graphic designer is cost-effective, having a degree or certificate may give you an advantage when applying for jobs.

3. Obtaining a degree in graphics design

Obtaining a degree in graphics designing takes up to 4 years to achieve. Four years seem like a pretty long time, but a degree in graphics designing will give your curriculum vitae a boost, especially when applying for a job. You also learn everything you need to know about graphics designing: Drawing and painting skills; computer and software skills; and also the marketing aspect, which is very important when it comes to making money with graphics designing. Graphics designing is very vast so, you are going taught area of specialization such as: logo, typography, book design, web design, branding and advertising, product packaging, desktop publishing, print or web production, and user experience design.


4. Learn about graphics design market 

This is the business aspect of graphics designing; very important. Skills are not enough to get you a client or a job. You need to learn how to sell your self to people. A skill that doesn’t produce income is no different from a mare hobby.
Take additional drawing, writing, and business classes. Take entrepreneurial classes or courses to open your mind. If you are working as freelancer you need to learn this aspect very well.

Types of graphic design occupation

Think you have got the passion, creativity, and eye for style required for a career in graphic design? Graphics designers are unit visual problem solvers. World Health Organization tackle robust challenges with ability and strategic use of color, typography, imagery, and spacing. With a range of various forms of graphic style specialties on the market, below are four of the foremost common areas.

1. Brand Identity and logo style

Logo design involves the use of colors, shapes, fonts, and lines to create a symbol and identity that represents a certain entity. Graphic designers specializing in brand identity and logos design, propose, and design powerful visual identities for brand both new and existing brands, organizations, products, and services. Logos  requires a singular choice and arrangement of colours, shapes, and styles that can represent a company. When making or creating a brand identity, designers may additionally create business cards, letterhead, ads, and plenty of alternative differing types of graphic style outputs that includes the new whole identity.

2. Packaging design

Packaging design involves  designing packages for product. You might have bought coke or fanta before and on the bottle you see a label describing the product. Most times people don’t buy product because of the quality but also because of the look. Designers operating in package styling and design should be able to create graphics representation that can attract the attention of people. Their job is to form styles that shield the merchandise in shipping, catch the attention of a shopper or customers in a store, and then, once viewed up shut, inform and persuade shoppers. This kind of design may not solely involve initial sketches and computer work, however additionally testing your design on physical mockups to ascertain each angle. The designer should have good understanding of packaging materials and their environmental impact.

3. Website and Mobile design

Designers in this area concentrate on either of those 2 differing types of graphic design areas, as long as they understand the standards and best practices of the medium that they’re planning. In these roles, designers design the pages, layout, and graphics for apps or websites, operating closely with developers to confirm the practicability and correct practicality of their styles. They additionally facilitate to set up a site’s or app’s navigation, structure, and user expertise, making continuity, order, and ease across all pages or screens. Knowing the fundamentals of writing can facilitate during this career. A lot of specialized roles at intervals websites and mobile designers embrace user expertise style, programme style, and data design.

4. Layout and Print designers

Print designers are graphics designers concerned with searching out the proper balance between text and graphics, making styles that are attractive  and simple to browse. Example of print designs are magazines, books, newspapers, brochures, posters, and more. For layout and print graphic designers, the location of images and also the choice of font and font is of explicit concern, particularly once operating with giant amounts of text. Familiarity with printing processes and production is additionally essential for achievement during this career.

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Computer graphic design softwares

1. Photoshop


computer graphic design software - Photoshop Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is a raster base software for designing. This computer graphic design Software was created mostly for photographers to enable them edit and manipulate pictures. The automated choices infuse life to your pictures creating your work ‘the talk of the town’ even though you’re a starter. With Photoshop you’ll be able to simply mix multiple pictures and even take away unwanted objects from the image. It offers basic options like perspective correction, channel intermixture, and clone stamp tool. Photoshop runs on each Windows and mac. Photoshop is also one of the simplest graphic design software system for beginners because it comes with simplified choices like:

Basic: Cropping, straightening, rotating and flipping.
Auto-Fix: One bit adjustment.
Blemish Removal: Ability to get rid of any spot or dirt from the image.
Colour: Slide controls to boost the colours of the image.
One-Touch filter: twenty attention-getting effects to settle on from.
Image Rendering: broad image possibility.
Borders: Add your personal bit.
RAW image support: RAW format support.
Sharing: via sites like Facebook, Revel, Twitter, Tumblr, and more.


  • Video editing is sleek.
  • The crop tool is sort of effective.
  • Performance is very improved.


  • No perpetual license.
  • The interface is crushing.
  • Some tools lack progress bar visibility.


computer graphic design software- gimp

GIMP graphic style software system

GIMP or gnu Image Manipulation computer graphic design software program is a bit similar to Adobe Photoshop. The professional tools create its ideal for not simply graphic designers however photographers also. The image manipulation feature is very enhanced. The pliability of the tool permits you to form crystal-clear graphics. Once you start using gimp, it’ll undoubtedly accomplish the pedestal of being your main publishing tool. The interface is completely customizable and also the full-screen mode permits you to look at and edit at an equivalent time. Yes, not all the intensive options are on the market. Still, there are several options which will give you a good expertise. Gimp runs on GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and alternative OS. Being a cross-compatible graphic design software system, it’s a robust support community. This is, hands down, one amongst the prime selections once choosing graphic style software system for beginners.



  • The UI is bright and modern.
  • Very simple to use.
  • Comes with single windows usage.


  • Have some bugs.
  • Struggles with Cintiq tablets within the initial stage.

3. Illustrator

computer graphic design Software - Adobe illustrator

If you would like to use vector art to form logos, sketches, typography, icons or maybe complicated illustrations for videos or mobile then illustrator is that the tool for you. you’ll be able to produce design with seamless alignment by drawing perfect shapes. With illustrator designing could never be quicker. Creative person comes with its own plugins that facilitate in creating a blank website into an excellent looking website. Some plugins are created for older versions of Ai and have a zest of recent options for brand spanking new versions like artistic Cloud, creating it a perfect graphic style software system.


  • Touch-type tool is impressive.
  • The Free remodel tool is incredibly easy to use.
  • Availability for Windows and mac.


  • The price is high.

4. Inkscape

computer graphic design software- inkscape

Inkscape graphic design software system

Inkscape, an alternate to Ai, could be a skilled tool ideal for vector art lovers and graphic designers who use SVG file format. The tool is ideal for Windows, Linux, OS, and macintosh also. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re knowledgeable or simply an individual or agency desiring to form vector pictures for a private blog. In terms of sketching, coloring or making illustrations Inkscape is very simple to use. With the Ghostscript extension .eps files are simply clear. It additionally comes with amazing options like:

  • Ability to directly edit the source code.
  • Keys to maneuver screen pixels.
  • Edit clones on the canvas.
  • Edit gradients.
  • Fill paint-bucket with one click.


  • Absolutely free.
  • Endless Filters.
  • New effect tools as a bonus.


  • Extremely slow.

5. Coreldraw

computer graphic design software - coreldraw

Corel graphic design software system

Are you an aspiring web designer and looking out for a graphics editor that offers you the power to form infinite styles with none restrictions while honing your skills at a similar time? If thus, you would possibly need to visualize out CorelDraw, a vector graphics editor, that’s handily one amongst the foremost widespread business customary editors presently. CorelDraw has some cool productive functions .

This computer graphic design software ideal comprising of tools that will enable you to get quick and dynamic results. With CorelDraw version X5 and on top of, you get an inbuilt organizer (Corel CONNECT) also.

This particular computer graphic design softwares has tools like Twirl, Smear, Repel and Attract – vector object editing was never very easy. The Alignment guide permits you to position objects as per your demand. CorelDraw works smoothly with massive files in Corel Photo-Paint, creating it a must have within the graphic design software system list. It additionally supports apps like Barcode wizard, Duplexing wizard, Bitstream Font Navigator, etc.


  • The interface customization is right.
  • The design is incredibly recent.
  • The coaching videos are really useful.
  • Choose from perpetual license or subscription.
  • The right-click provides amazing vectorization.
  • Shaping docker provides maximum usage.
  • Saves time


  • No mac version.
  • Tools are exhausting to learn for newbies.
  • Navigation isn’t simple.
  • Navigation board isn’t visible.
  • The freehand brush is difficult to use.

6. Adobe Indesign

computer graphic design software- Indesign

Backed by the Adobe brand, InDesign is the king for making clean layouts for desktop and mobile devices alike. Adobe InDesign is right for layout style usage like on-line magazines. whether or not you would like to form layouts for written books, brochures or digital magazines Adobe InDesign is that the tool you wish. The pliability is nice because it permits you to simply drag-drop isolated layers and you’ll be able to size pictures with ease. Being a part of adobe Cloud you get easy accessibility to the desktop app for computer and mac.

With Adobe artistic sync you’ll be able to share or synchronise all of your work between your desktop and mobile apps thus you’ll be able to work with efficiency. Once you be a part of as a member you’ll get the most recent updates and new options with installation call being only yours.


  • The combining of text and graphics becomes simple.
  • The learning curve is incredibly low, ideal for newbies.
  • The options that go with InDesign are great.


  • Limited tools for making graphics.
  • The graphics tools don’t seem to be powerful.

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