Coloured ballpoint pen art illustrations

Ballpoint pen Art

Artist who makes  use of the most common tool for writing to create stunning Images. Ballpoint pen is an art medium that has been getting alot of attention from several artists these days.

Meet Mike koubou, an Athens based art illustrator and graphics designer. He uses coloured ballpoint pen to create amazing art. His focus is basically on character design,  caricatures, abstract illustrations, logo and mascot.

He does this with the combination of different styles and methods.

 Don’t know this artist’s motivation for adoption this tool,  but one major beauty of pen art i admire is neatness and duration.

Much information was not given about this artist or how long it takes him to finish his work. But from his unfinished portrait you can easily smell talent. Below  are some of his art.

Ballpoint pen Art Ballpoint pen Art Ballpoint pen Art Ballpoint pen Art

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