Reasons Why You Are Unhappy doing What you do

Are you really happy for your new job?

I am not happy with my job what should i do? I am unhappy at work but need the money. These are questions often asked every day especially by workers who are fed-up with work.

Everyone has pursuit for a wonderful career and a good source of income.  But you are not going to enjoy it if you are miserable or unhappy doing it. Look back on famous successful entrepreneurs and how they started. One thing is common among them, they did what they enjoy doing. Doing what you enjoy motivates and increase productivity. It’s pretty exciting when you take on a new job, with all the enthusiasm and zeal, but as time goes on you need to evaluate. Are you really happy for your new job? Ask you self “am i happy with my job?” If no, then you need to think again.

Research shows that people doing what they love and enjoy doing are happier and also live long and healthy lives. Before taking a job or a career you need to ask yourself, “If all the jobs/businesses on earth gives same amount of income which one will I go for?”
The following are signs that you are on the wrong job/career:

1. You are too money conscious

You are money conscious but are you really happy for your new job?

It is true that everyone needs money but when you work because of money you enslave yourself. There are people out there who still do what they love doing and make lots of money. The truth is that when you solve a problem, you make money. Rather than being too money conscious, think of a problem you can solve that can generate money.

2. You are not excited doing your work

Are you really happy for your new job if work is boring?

If your Job bores you, it actually mean you don’t believe in what you do. If you lack passion for what you do, it means you lack motivation. If you don’t love what you do you will be miserable and depressed. You need enthusiasm in your work because it makes everything interesting and also affect the way you relate with others.

3. You don’t learn anything new

Are you really happy for your new job if you don't learn anything?

To me one of the most boring work on earth is to work where there’s no chance to learn anything new. When you don’t learn, you don’t improve.
We live in a world where information matters and where there’s a lot of competition. You can’t afford to waste your time on stale information. People pay to get the latest information. If there’s no chance for learning, you should think again.

4. You don’t fit in

Are you really happy for your new job if you don't fit in

I have been in this shoe several times in my life. Though there’s a huge difference between you not fitting in and when you feel you don’t fit in. sometimes it’s just a feeling. Most introvert often feel this way. It means you need to socialize and express yourself more often. But if you are working in a place where you seem so invisible and it feels none of your opinion really matters or make sense to anyone, or when you do “A “all they see is” Z”. If this is your situation, then obviously that is not your shoe. Shoes have sizes, get your size and be happy with yourself.

 5. When your talents are dormant and wasting

Are you really happy for your new job if your talent is wasting?

Your talent makes way for you. Where you can’t reach naturally, your talent will take you there. Some people are not known by their name but by their talent. “that young man who lives down the street that does computer tech.” or “that lady who does beautiful braids for people”. People are actually described that way. Talents are not given to be hidden it is given to be expressed. You should know that any work you do that doesn’t encourage your God given gifts limits you.



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