How to add logo on your image with an android phone

Every brand needs a logo, and when it comes to adding logos or watermarks on images, newbies find it difficult doing it themselves.

How to put a logo on a picture without Photoshop

As we understand , photoshop is one of the most popular tool used to edit images; but not very newbie friendly.

To use Photoshop you’ll need a computer and the basic knowledge about the software which can be confusing for beginners.

Here am going to teach you how to add logo/ watermark on any image. First of all you need to know that a watermark is a logo you add on any image of your choice to promote your brand and preserve your product.

We are going to learn adopt a free android app for adding watermark to photos; the name of the app we are going to use is called PicsArt.

Picsart is a free android app available for download in google play store and it’s easy to use. There are several Android app for adding watermark to photos but for the sake of this tutorial, we are going to stick to PicsArt.

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How to put logo on picture using PicsArt

To use pics art you need to first download it from play store and follow the steps below carefully.

Step 1

After downloading PicsArt be sure to tap on the icon to open the app.

Step 2

After opening the app, be sure to tap on the pencil icon to add a new photo.

Step 3

Tap to select your desired image you want to add your logo.

Step 4

Then select the “add photo” button to add your logo or watermark.

Step 5

Android app for adding watermark to photos

You can select images from gallery or recently images.

Step 6

Android app for adding watermark to photos

After importing  your logo, you can adjust the image size with your fingers and place any position you want.  You can also adjust opacity of the logo to make it faded or sharp.

Step 7

Android app for adding watermark to photos

After editing the logo to your satisfaction, then you should tap on the “check” icon that looks like “Nike”  to continue.

Step 8

Android app for adding watermark to photos

Tap on the “download” icon to  name it and save your image to your phone.

Final look

How to put a logo on a picture without Photoshop

This is how it looks when you are done.

Make sure when placing your logo, contrast should not be ignored. Never place a dark logo in a dark environment if not the beauty will be lost; add your logo on an age that can complement your your logo and vice-versa.

Wrapping it up

When it comes to Android app for adding watermark to photos, I highly recommend picsart, because of it’s functionalities and also friendly interface; you don’t even need a tutorial to figure things out.


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