7 Amazing Pencil hyper-realism Art

I know what you are thinking, they are not photographs, they are 7 Amazing Pencil hyper-realism Art master piece created by Talented Artists using just pencil, this is also known as hyper-realism. Hyper-realism Art erases the line between hand drawn art and actual photograph.

Most of these artists are self taught, having no formal knowledge of Fine Art. It took alot practice, time, patience, self motivation and dedication to actually create their work. I can’t tell how long it took them to create their art but i know it took them alot of time to finish. Below are 7 Amazing Pencil hyper-realism Art done by selected artists from different part of the world and their brief Bio:

1. Diego Fazio

7 Amazing Pencil hyper-realism Art
Art done by Diego Fazio

This master-piece hyper realistic Art was done by Diego Fazio, also known as artist DiegoKoi.   Diego was born in Lamezia Terme, Italy in 1989. A self-taught artist, who quickly developed a precise and refined technique. He began by drawing the Koi, a variety of carp from ancient China that was introduced to Japan. The Koi carp, in Japanese popular culture, is a symbol of love and friendship. I cant tell how long it took him to finish this, but I’m sure it took him a lot of time and patience.

2. Kelvin Okafor

7 Amazing Pencil hyper-realism Art
Art done by Kelvin Okafor

Kelvin Okafor is Nigerian Artist based in Britain. He lives in Tottenham, London, where he grew up. Kelvin got formal eduation at St Ignatius’s College in Enfield, where at the age of 15 he began to hone his talent for drawing. He did a Foundation Art & Design course at City and Guilds Art School (2005–06), and went on to study at Middlesex University. He is known for his precise and well detailed hyper realistic pencil Art.

3. Arinze Stanley

7 Amazing Pencil hyper-realism Art
Art done by Arinze Stanley

Arinze Stanley Egbengwu is a Nigerian Artist  who was born  in 1993. He is popular for his Artistic prowess displayed in a genre of art known as hyper-realism. Arinze is best known for his realistic life-size portraits of regular people of mostly African descent. Works primarily with charcoal and graphite on paper. His works are used as a medium for social and political activism. Arinze addresses pressing matters both in his community and worldwide, matters including Modern slavery and feminism with his Art. His debut group show was held at Omenka Gallery in Lagos, Nigeria in 2016. Arinze has won international Awards as the ‘World’s best Self-portrait’ in American Art Awards juried by 25 American galleries.

4. Stefan Marcu

7 Amazing Pencil hyper-realism Art
Art done by Stefan Marcu

This wonderful Art is named ‘Gorilla’,hand drawn by Stefan Marcu. Stefan is a hyper realistic artist who started Art from the age of five, and over time he added more skills, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, all types of graphic design, caricature and digital photography.

He created this study of a gorilla as his entry for The National Open Art Competition UK.”My focus is on the study of art and my personal development in all its branches, and I am obsessed with excellence in the creation of any product.” He says.

5. Giacomo Burattini

7 Amazing Pencil hyper-realism Art
Art done by Giacomo Burattini

The name of this Art work is called ‘Apnoea’, and was done by a young artist from central Italy named Giacomo Burattini.This drawing was created using black coloured pencils, graphite pencils and charcoal. He started his career in art when he came across a report on the daily news with his Art. That was a major motivation for him. This in turn led to a request from Time Magazine for a portrait of Edward Snowden. It was  published in the index page of the Man of the Year issue.

Though Giacomo’s career takes off in the software development engineering aspect but all along in his spare time he devotes many hours and days to complete each artwork. He is dedicated to the most minute details in his artworks which sometimes can take many hours to get just right. Giacomo Burattini is a perfectionist at heart and hence his works. Though he still  believes his work highlights the beauty of imperfection.

6. Chiamonwu Joy


7 Amazing Pencil hyper-realism Art
Art done by Chiamonwu joy

This masterpiece was created by chiamonwu joy, a Nigerian who happens to be a self-taught artist with special interest in hyper-realism. Joy makes use of charcoal pencils on paper as her medium of creating artworks. Through constant practice, perseverance and determination, she has been one of Nigeria’s finest female hyper-realistic pencil Artist. She has a strong emotional and psychological connection  with her artworks. Her artworks mainly focus on exploring and immortalizing the rich symbols, cultural values and traditions of the African people.

In summary you should know the key to hyper realism is practice, patience, commitment and time. You should always remember that all of these Artists started from somewhere. So keep practicing and improve, remember nothing is impossible . Be  inspired!


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