6 Simple Art Tips that will make you Improve your Art

Simple Art Tips that will make you Improve your Art-finishing touch

Many people take drawing like a gift given to special people who are born with the talent. well, i beg to differ. If you have such mindset, then it is time to dispose it in the garbage can. These are simple Art tips that will make you improve your Art to drawing anything you want. First of all, before you begin, you have to really enjoy doing it. Develop passion for it and believe you can do it.

1. Get the right materials

Simple Art Tips that will make you Improve your Art-Materials for different types of shading techniques
Get the right material for the medium you want to use

The right materials affect your work. Get the right pencil and the right paper to use. There are: h, hb,2b,3b,4b,5b,6b,7b, charcoal pencil etc. Just remembers that the higher the “b” the darker and softer, and the higher the “h” the lighter and the harder. So make sure when you sketch, you should use the lightest shade of pencil. I recommend “hb” or “h”. If you are a pen person, then get the right pen, i recommend ballpoint pen. Make sure your pen is not fake or inferior. I remember a particular commissioned work I did some time ago. After finishing, it didn’t come out well, unlike my previous work. I was wondering what I did wrong until I realized my drawing paper was low quality texture. Get good materials

2. Connect with what you want to Art

Simple Art Tips that will make you Improve your Art-Connect with your art
Connect with your Art

You don’t just pick the pencil and start making strokes on your paper. You first of all have to observe and connect with your work. Visualize how you want it to look. So many people think the eyes are on the fore head and the nose is in the middle of the head. It takes observation to know that the space between everyone’s eye is not the same. Whatever you are drawing give attention to those little details. Sometimes those details that seems irrelevant are often what brings out meaning to your art. Remember all drawing are composition of dots, line and shapes.

3. Start with a light outline

Simple Art Tips that will make you Improve your Art-Make light outline
Make light outline

When you draw, please start with a light sketch. This is because it will be easy to erase when you make mistakes. Using thick strokes can dirty your work, after  erasing. And also, make it simple. Don’t start shading already. Give light outlines that will allow you give details later.

4. Add light and Shade

Simple Art Tips that will make you Improve your Art-Shade your work
Shade your work

To make your work look very realistic you need to shade your work. Shading shows depth and position of light in your drawing. Adding value (This is the degree of darkness or lightness of your subject) to your art gives professional looks to your work. The following are tones of shade you should give attention to:

  • Highlight:

This is the part of the subject where light is intense. So when shading you, you should make sure you don’t shade the highlighted areas.

  • Light:

This is the area that has light but not as intense as the highlight. When shading this area use very light shade.

  • Mid Tone:

Mid tones are areas on the subject that has little light. In most cases, the mid tone is the actual shade or value of the subject. Make it a little bit dark here, but not as dark as core shadow.

  • Core Shadow:

The core shadow is the area on the subject where light is prevented from touching. Core shadows are typically darker values of the local color. Use dark shade here

  • Cast Shadow:

Cast shadows are locations of darker value that result on surrounding objects or surfaces. Light is blocked from reaching these areas completely because another object is reflecting much of the light away. When shading use really dark shades.

For people who love blending (smudging). I recommend you don’t use your fingers to smudge your work, because it can make your work look rough. Use cotton to smudge and keep smudging until it’s evenly distributed.

5. Final Details

Simple Art Tips that will make you Improve your Art-finishing touch
Make finishing touches

Final detail comes last. Take some time filling in places that needs attention. Make sure you pay attention to every detail. If you are drawing a portrait, be conscious of even the skin texture,  wrinkles, hair pores etc. The imperfections actually add beauty to your work. Blend your work evenly, especially for skin texture. Darken the hair, they should be contrast between the skin ans the hair especially if the person has dark hair. Blend until you cant tell where each of the tone starts or stops.

6. Practice

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I recommend you practice as often as you can. Don’t get discouraged, just keep practicing. You will never improve until you practice. When I decided to make art a career I realized I have not been drawing for years. I decided to brush myself up and in just 6 months I became better than some people I was looking up to. So don’t underestimate the power of practice. Keep practicing and good luck!






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  1. Ehizuelen Onose Sandra

    Wow!!!thank u for this.Indeed having a connection with what I am drawing is so Paramount. I love this,I am ur regular fan,bravo!!

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